DISABILITY RIGHTS MISSISSIPPI Announces Resolution Agreement in Local KFC Discrimination Issue

  Disability Rights Mississippi (DRMS), the protection and advocacy agency for the state, releases the announcement that after representing the Mrs. Bobbie Cole family in their dispute with a local KFC franchise, they have negotiated a verbal agreement that will likely have lasting implications for the disability community throughout the state.

The details have been explained in an article written for the Clarion Ledger by Jimmie Gates that will go to print on August 10, 2018, and can be found at

The incident at hand, alleged mocking and discriminatory behavior by employees towards a couple who are deaf at a drive through window, received much attention in media outlets across the country in early June of this year.  The family reached out to DRMS for assistance with their legal rights, and are satisfied with the outcome.  They are hopeful that this incident provides a valuable opportunity for all to reflect on the general public’s interactions with people with disabilities as they take part in everyday activities and tasks in the community.

For more information about DRMS go to  or call 1-800-772-4057 for any additional information.

To view the video report with ASL please go to:

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