Mississippi’s Protection & Advocacy Agency

Disability Rights Mississippi is a private, non-profit corporation with a federal mandate to protect and advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities across the state of Mississippi.

Since 1982, DRMS  has provided advocacy services — free of charge — to Mississippians with disabilities. Our agency has helped improve the lives of thousands of our state’s most vulnerable population by championing their rights. DRMS is the only disability advocacy agency in Mississippi with attorneys on staff to pursue legal remedies if necessary.

Our mission is to promote, protect and advocate for the legal and human rights of all people with disabilities, and to assist them with full inclusion in home, community, education and employment.


What’s a P&A?

Every state and territory has a Protection & Advocacy (P&A) agency as a part of the National Disability Rights Network. P&A’s are mandated and funded by Congress. You can learn more about the P&A network  here .

What kind of authority does DRMS have?

Through our duties established and codified by Congress, DRMS has extensive access authority. This enables us to investigate incidents of abuse and neglect, and to monitor service providers and facilities that care for Mississippians with disabilities, including care homes, medical facilities, and prisons. DRMS can pursue administrative, legal, and other appropriate remedies to protect the rights of Mississippians with disabilities. 

How much do DRMS’ services cost?

DRMS provides services at no charge to clients across Mississippi.