If you have Medicaid, there are important things you should know about your rights.

1. You have the right to request a denial letter for any services you are told you do not qualify for. The letter will explain the reason why you are being denied and should explain why your service does not fall within the scope of Medicaid. 

2. You have a right to appeal the denial. You only have 10 days to appeal. 

3. You have the right to request more services, but you should make sure that your doctor will support your request for these services. 

4. If you do not understand these rights, you can contact us at 601-968-0600.

If you need help or feel your rights have been violated, please contact Disability Rights Mississippi at 601-968-0600.

Please be prepared to give your name and/or the person’s name you are calling about along with a telephone number, the disability of the individual, and brief description of the issue. If you are calling for someone else, we will need to verify that you are allowed to speak on their behalf.