Goal One:

Individuals with disabilities will be free from abuse, neglect, and violation of individual rights. 

  1. Staff will identify and investigate instances of rights violations of individuals with disabilities in all/any living settings.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI)
  2. Staff will investigate conditions in personal care homes, licensed and unlicensed, and prepare a report for state government leaders that outlines the significant issues including statutory and regulatory framework that has created the problem.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI)
  3. Staff will investigate 100% of allegations of abuse, wrongful death, or neglect received by DRMS.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI)
  4. Rep Payee staff will investigate its assigned representative payee reviews. Where appropriate, a corrective action plan will be issued and/or the affected beneficiary will be referred to traditional P&A services.
    (funding program: Rep Payee)


Goal Two:

People with disabilities will be integrated into the community.  Individuals will have access to appropriate, individualized community-based services that will enhance their ability to live independently.

  1. Staff will focus on facilities to assist residents who wish to transition to community living.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI)
  2. Staff will gather information about inaccessible sidewalks in Hinds county, MS.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIR)
  3. Individuals will be encouraged to vote privately and independently.
    (funding program: PAVA)
  1. Staff will monitor WIN Job Center and sheltered workshops for compliance with applicable federal rules and to inform participants of their rights.
    (funding program: PABSS)
  1. DRMS will train students about the rights of individuals with disabilities in receiving accommodations in the college classroom.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR)
  1. Youth will be provided a free, appropriate public education in their least restrictive environment moving them toward independent living. Specifically, DRMS will assist with educational issues at a higher level of appeal and grassroots efforts with issues relating to bullying, restraints and/or seclusion in schools, traumatic brain injury, and assistive technology.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI, PABSS, PAVA, Rep Payee)
  2. DRMS will investigate services at specialized schools in Mississippi assuring students are safe and not segregated.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAAT)


Goal Three:

DRMS will educate the community about DRMS services.  DRMS will increase its capacity to vigorously fulfill its mission.

  1. Staff will promote outreach events in underserved areas of the state including north Mississippi and the delta regions.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI, PABSS, PAVA, Rep Payee)
  2. Staff will begin a public policy project focusing on disability related issues.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI, PABSS, PAVA, Rep Payee)
  1. DRMS will promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Census 2020.
    (funding programs: PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PAAT, PATBI, PABSS, PAVA, Rep Payee)
  1. Staff will coordinate with private law firms to assist clients who do not fall within our areas of focus.
    (MS Disability Pro Bono Initiative)
  2. Staff will develop a plan to create a more robust litigation culture among advocates.


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