Hal Holbrook (Chairperson)

Washington County (District 2)

Charlene Gressett 

Carroll County (District 2)

Lawerance Williams

Hinds County (District 2)

Alisha Creel (PAIMI Chair)

Warren County (District 2)

LaToye Sullivan-Zinn

Leflore County (District 2)

Akwete Muhammad

Forrest County (District 4)

Gwendolyn Gray

Oktibbeha County (District 3)

Jonathan Barnett

Hinds County (District 2)

Gwendolyn Hardaway 

Lauderdale County (District 3)

Kristie Speights

Hinds County (District 2)

Wendy Wilson-White

Hinds County (District 2)

Join the Board

According to DRMS by-laws, new members of the Board shall be appointed by the existing Board and can be recommended for membership by any interested person.

To nominate someone for membership, please fill out this form and fax to 601-968-0665 or email to swalker@drms.ms

If you would like to volunteer to become a Board Member, please contact 601-968-0600 and ask to speak to Shirley Walker-McKinnis.