Mississippi PAIMI Advisory Council

As required under the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Act, 42 S.s.c. 10801 et. seq., the purpose of the Council is to:

1. Advise DRMS staff and the governing authority on policies and priorities to be carried out in protecting and advocating for the rights of individuals with mental illness in MS.

2. Complete a section of the annual PAIMI Program performance report that describes the activities of the Council and its assessment of the operation and quality of services of the PAIMI Program.

3. Work with the governing authority of DRMS and the PAIMI Program staff members jointly to develop the annual statement of objectives and priorities for the PAIMI Program of MPAS.

4. Educate the public and DRMS about the agency’s purpose, priorities, and activities.


The Council must include attorneys, mental health professionals, individuals from the community who are knowledgeable about mental illness, provider of mental health services, individuals who have received or are receiving mental health services, and family members of such individuals.   Membership must consist of at least 60% of individuals who have received or are receiving mental health services or who are family members.  The Council must be chaired by recipient of mental health services or a family member of such individual.  Advisory Council chairperson must be a member of DRMS’s Governing Board.

Interested in becoming a PAIMI Council Member?
If you would like to volunteer to be a member of the PAIMI Advisory Council, please contact Jeruthie Lockett at 601-981-8207 or via email at jeruthie@mspas.com. You may also contact Jeruthie if you have a suggestion for someone who would be an asset to the Council.