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Agency Teams
Our teams are the Children’s Team; Monitoring and Investigations Team, and the Civil Rights Team.  Each team takes on individual cases and works on systemic projects and legislative concerns related to issues of abuse and neglect, discrimination, and community integration.

Civil Rights Team: This team of advocates takes on individual cases in which there is a claim of rights violation of person with a disability, and investigates to discover details that will guide them in the best course of action to advocate, litigate or provide resources. These are typically cases that do not fall into the category of the monitoring & investigations team or the Education/Children’s Team.

Monitoring and InvestigationsTeam:  Monitors for abuse and neglect of individuals with disabilities in institutions, and facility-based residential situations. This team prioritizes transition into more independent and community based living arrangements whenever possible for individuals who desire to do so. The team receives incident reports from various facilities about injuries and serious incidents that occur in facilities.  The team monitors those reports for unusual activities and for patterns of abuse, neglect, or rights violations. Advocates for community-based services and monitors living situations in the community for abuse, neglect, and acts of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. This team works to insure that access to supports and services is available to all who are eligible in order to enhance the community living experience and independence for individuals.

Children’sTeam: Advocates for a free and equal education for vulnerable students in the MS education system. This team works closely with educators, directors, and other agencies to pull together appropriate supports and resources students need to succeed in the classroom. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]